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tolerie industrielle tolerie industriel
tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel


During the annual convention of suppliers , the 22th of may 2014, TFCM won the best supplier Trophee for « redesign to cost » hosted by Alstom in Aytre location.

Added Value


Technical support

Human resources



Social relationships

tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel

Technology tracking and innovation process : performance accelerator

It’s to Ludovic Giangreggorio reporting to industrial manager Emmanuel Boulard, that the company TFCM SA choose to put the responsibility and animation of our « ViP » technological and innovation tracking, during the first half of 2012.

This watch unit is reinforce by two experts in the field of robotics and in ongoing improvement in processes.
The company’s goal is to accelerate the TFCM SA performance on differents levels :

  • to detect innovative technologies
  • to provide and accelerate a stimulus to co-development with our customers
  • to assert and provide a first class technical support to our project managers

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