TFCM SA is a French company specializing in industrial sheet-metal, technical sheet-metal and fine sheet-metal technologies. The company is investing in France and in Morocco
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tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel


During the annual convention of suppliers , the 22th of may 2014, TFCM won the best supplier Trophee for « redesign to cost » hosted by Alstom in Aytre location.

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tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel

Four questions to Philippe Duranceau

To strengthen its presence and fulfill the expectations of its major clients on international markets, TFCM SA is investing in the development of new means of production in Morocco.


What major challenges lie ahead for TFCM SA ?

Our clients are major players who operate at global level. Their competitors are often based in low labour cost countries that did not only adopt a very aggressive market positioning, but also hold a real industrial and technological know-how on the global markets of rail and aeronautical equipments.

As such, we are confronted with extreme competition and we need to carefully optimize all of our business processes in order to provide our clients with first-class solutions.

On an in-house basis, this management of change goes together with quality at its highest level in terms of process-oriented management, labour relations management and communication.

The high-level expertise of our teams, combined with a non-stop dialogue, are the true warrant of TFCM SA development.

What major equation do you have to solve ?

Obviously our company must cope with the price and flexibility required by our clients who are now facing global competition.

Furthermore, we are often requested to take charge of projects at the very upstream end – notably in the field of co-development – and to offer very competitive prices.

This is the equation that we have to solve, and at the same time we must uphold the performance and quality of our solutions and not loose sight of what makes the strength and peculiarity of TFCM SA, i.e. the quality of its teams, its corporate culture and its territorial roots.

What solutions do you contemplate ?

I’m not sure we should use the word ‘solution’.

We have developed a business project that sets the major orientations of the company.

The global competitiveness of TFCM lies on a two-stand basis :

  • The stability of our family shareholding that is our warrant for the medium and long-term perenniality of our strategic choices,

  • The quality of our in-house environment that enables good understanding of the stakes and challenges and a necessary adaptation to flexibility requirements on the short term and change requirements on the long term.

Around which orientations did you build your corporate strategy ?

We should talk about a business project rather than a mere strategy.

Indeed, as I earlier mentioned, our business project led us to implement several practical actions within the framework of TFCM SA Steering Committee :

  • We laid down a new legal organization for all TFCM activities, especially in terms of strategic decisions that are now centralized within a holding company.

  • We identified sources of value creation and functional areas that could possibly be located in a kind of low-cost structure. This was achieved through our new Dynamics programme that was set up in 2010. Yet, our requirements level remains very high since this type of structure must be able to integrate our know-how within the process management and meet our QCD requirements (Quality, Costs and Delivery).

  • Finally, we opted for the industrial specialization of our Rhortais – AT2S unit that will mean a positioning on short-run production with a wider marketing autonomy to conquer new markets.


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