Méthodes TFCM SA pour optimiser matières, coûts outillages conditionnements des pièces tôlerie fine, complexe
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tolerie industrielle tolerie industriel
tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel


During the annual convention of suppliers , the 22th of may 2014, TFCM won the best supplier Trophee for « redesign to cost » hosted by Alstom in Aytre location.

Added Value


Technical support

Human resources



Social relationships

tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel

Project management

Within the framework of co-development, technical accompaniment, industrialization and logistics management, the function of customer relationship management involves both the management of projects and the design and development of techno-economic partnerships.

Intervention cycle
CAPM (Computer-Aided Production Management)

Techno-economic partnerships
Knowledge of the technical, economic and industrial challenges met by our customers enable TFCM SA teams to develop balanced and sustainable partnerships.

Such collaborations are built on two fundamental pillars :

  • the establishment of executives specialized in techno-economy, law and information technologies as a leading base for services in co-development and technical accompaniment,
  • the setting of specific goals for all indicators related to costs, quality, delivery, lead time and safety.

Methods and robot programming
At TFCM SA, the methods and robot programming department is meant for several purposes :

  • material optimization,
  • costs reduction,
  • functional optimization and product safety,
  • tools optimization,
  • concept of specific or dedicated processing.

To fulfil the objectives of D-Day delivery of your order, TFCM SA is equipped with integrated CAPM.
With this tool, we can handle, prepare and launch all types of production :

  • components : unit fabrication, or small, medium, large runs,
  • sub-assemblies or assemblies : unit fabrication, or small, medium, large runs.

By providing daily monitoring of the progress along each production level, our CAPM methods enable maximum traceability and your order is processed with optimal efficiency.

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