Liquid or powder painting, screen-printing, for components or full sub-assemblies, TFCM SA has finishing equipments
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tolerie industrielle tolerie industriel
tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel


During the annual convention of suppliers , the 22th of may 2014, TFCM won the best supplier Trophee for « redesign to cost » hosted by Alstom in Aytre location.

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tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel

Painting / Screen printing

Liquid paint, powder coating, screen-printing, for whatever type of components, assemblies or full functional systems, TFCM SA has all necessary finishing equipments in-house.

TFCM SA has all necessary painting and finishing equipments :

  • surface processing,
  • liquid paint,
  • powder coating,
  • screen printing.

Powder coating application methods
TFCM SA has invested in a complete line of tri-metal powder coating.
Paint application is made by spray gun. The paint sprayed on the material is not in liquid form but in the form of solid powder that has been electro-statically charged.
The components are then oven-processed to enable polymer reticulation. 

Zero solvent
Having no solvent presents significant environmental assets :

  • reduction of fire risks,
  • no respiratory exposure to solvents.

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