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tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel


During the annual convention of suppliers , the 22th of may 2014, TFCM won the best supplier Trophee for « redesign to cost » hosted by Alstom in Aytre location.

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Technical support

Human resources



Social relationships

tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel

Foulées cordelaises : sporting event helped by TFCM

« Foulées Cordelaises » have been held on Sunday July the 20 th, during Bouillé-Coudault Festival .

This running race of 10 kilometers, in particular supported by TFCM, is registered on Athletism French Federation calendar, and new this year, its also entered into Vendée Challenge .
 If a rainfall cooled the racers at 09.30 am, « Les Foulées » still brought together more than 200 riders.
Congratulations for all of them , which by their participation put into limelight values of effort and endurance !

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