Development of complete metal and painting sub-assemblies,
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tolerie industrielle tolerie industriel
tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel


During the annual convention of suppliers , the 22th of may 2014, TFCM won the best supplier Trophee for « redesign to cost » hosted by Alstom in Aytre location.

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tôlerie industriel
tôlerie industriel


TFCM SA will step in on a co-development basis for functions requiring particular technology specialties subject to fast evolutions or issued from different sectors.

Intervention levels
In the field of co-development, TFCM SA intervention will include the following activities :

  • product/process co-development (CAD/CAM and CAPM),
  • selection of materials, methods of surface processing, painting,
  • selection of CN cutting methods (Laser and/or punching),
  • mechanical development through a partner engineering department.

Types of applications
The co-development services undertaken by TFCM SA usually concern :  

  • techno-functional systems,
  • complete sub-assemblies,
  • mono-equipments.

In the field of deliverables, TFCM SA provides :

  • updated technical specifications including traceability,
  • CAD drawings,
  • parts lists,
  • supply source.


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